The AOMC turns 10

Celebrating a decade of innovative work


The A.O. Movement Collective
has officially been making work for TEN years!

THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts to everyone who made and continues to make it possible - from our amazing family of performers and collaborators, to our audiences, our donors, curators, reviewers, mentors, bio-families, chosen families - the list goes on an on! We wouldn't still be doing this if it weren't for you. We're overwhelmed with gratitude that this is our life and our work, and we can't wait to keep making with and for you for another decade at the very least! 

We wanted to take a moment to reflect back on the last ten years, and share some of our favorite moments with you! If you'd like to help us celebrate the occasion and are able to make a donation, you'll help us dive into our next major work beginning in January 2017 and start the next decade off right! 


A decade


the numbers: 


# Years making work: 10
# Full works: 13
# Films: 5
# Performances and showings: 73
# Non-performance works created: 8
# Projects proposing conceptual/experimental arts economies: 4
# Performers: 86
# Additional collaborators: 31
# Individuals who declared themselves curators: 27
# Staff members, admins, advisory committee, and interns: 13
# Gallons of milk: 13
# Works ft. white objects as central props: 6
# Works ft. red string: 2
# Rehearsals ending in Urgent Care visits: 1
# Reviews/features: 23
# Donors and supporters: 278
# Ad campaigns & music videos: 2
# Estimated rehearsal hours: 1,657
# States performed in: 4
# Kickstarter Campaigns: 4
# Times Alastair Macaulay was shocked that we looked like we      "didn't even go to the gym": 1
# Times Alastair Macaulay loved it anyway: 1
# Times the New York Times called our work "kind of gay": 1
# Universes created: 1 (/infinite)