Founded in 2006, the A.O. Movement Collective has made a name for themselves as ravenously experimental young makers in NYC’s performance community. The AOMC investigates pomo-humanism via a rigorous love affair with the aesthetics of mess. They are rockstars, researchers, ever-glitching techno-feminists. Their work unpacks the difficult lushness of human being, valuing questions above answers and maximlism above ease. They create work open to the terror of being undeniably new in content, culture, and form.

The AOMC premiered their first evening-length work in 2010, and averages a new major work every 2-3 years. They have performed at Joyce SoHo, HERE Arts Center, the RAW festival, LaMaMa Etc, THROW, Open Perform, WAXworks, Green Space, AUNTS, the Center for Performance Research, Dance New Amsterdam, Dance Place (DC), and the Performance Garage (PA), as well as a large number of galleries, rooftops, and other non-traditional spaces across Philly, MD, DC, and NY. The company has taught workshops and shown work at Sarah Lawrence College, Bard College, and the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center at Queens College.

The New York Times has written that the AOMC “bring[s] a raw, vulnerable quality to their movement that’s highly arresting” and the Gay City News has said they “embod[y] the new American generation.” Upon their first premiere, dance writer Eva Ya Assentwa wrote that the AOMC had “taken an important, assertive step into the spotlight of contemporary dance…[showing] a remarkable cohesion and intensity that other troupes might take a decade or more to achieve.”




Sarah A.o. Rosner

Founder, Director/Choreographer

Sarah A.O. Rosner is a multimedia performance maker creating work out of Brooklyn, NY. She is the founder and director of the A.O. Movement Collective, freelance arts-business collective A.O. PRO(+ductions), and AORTA films. Born and raised outside of Washington, DC, Rosner attended Sarah Lawrence College in New York where she studied dance, film, and new media with teachers including Emily Devine, Sara Rudner, Peggy Gould, Kathy Westwater, Keith Sabado, and Tony Schultz, engineering new hypermedia technology for performance as her thesis. Rosner founded the A.O. Movement Collective in 2006 and has been at their helm creating Anti-Ephemeral PoMo Humanist work and ideology ever since, garnering reviews in the New York Times, POSTURE magazine, and NYLON. She founded A.O. PRO(+ductions) in 2009, and specializes in sustainability consulting, fundraising, and digital media creation. Through PRO, Rosner currently serves as the Managing Consultant for Tere O'Connor Dance, and the General Manager for Juliana F. May/MAYDANCE and Aynsley Vandenbroucke. She has been featured as a panelist, speaker, and educator by numerous New York colleges, organizations, and institutions, and identified by Kickstarter as an expert in her field. She pioneers radical business, creates interstitial performance work, and loves to yell about art.

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Lillie De

Corps Performer, Company Manager

Lillie De lives in Brooklyn and works as a performer and technician/SM/PM.  De has done production work for Yvonne Rainer, Faye Driscoll, Jen Rosenblit, Yoshiko Chuma and others.  De has recently become a businessman working as a performer and producer for AORTA films LLC. De currently works as a performer for the A.O. Movement collective (ETLE.info for most recent work) and with Larissa Velez-Jackson as part of Yackez.

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Anna adams Stark

Corps Performer

Anna Adams Stark is a performer, dance-maker, and arts administrator.  Anna has performed works by Lindsey Dietz Marchant, Alexandra Beller, Laura Peterson Choreography, Alex Springer & Xan Burley/the median movement, Jennifer Kayle & Company, Ellie Goudie-Averill/Stone Depot Dance Lab and Meg Hebert Dance.  Currently Anna is working with Sarah A.O. Rosner/A.O. Movement Collective, Megan Sprenger/MVworks, Tara Aisha Willis, and Kendra Portier/BANDPortier.  Anna’s own work has been shown at THROW, AUNTS, Dance New Amsterdam, the Tank, and Triskelion Arts.  Anna is one of the founding producers of RoofTop Dance, www.rooftopdance.com.  She received her B.F.A. in Dance from the University of Iowa.



Corps Performer

Aya Wilson is a dance artist who most recently has been working with the A.O. Movement Collective, Mariah Maloney Dance, Kendra Portier/BANDportier, Nadia Tykulsker/Spark(edIt) Arts, David Dorfman Dance, with whom she was honored to travel abroad through DanceMotion USA, and Doug Varone and Dancers.  She occasionally choreographs and enjoys teaching dance, most recently in the Contemporary Forms series at Gibney Dance Center.  Aya received her BFA in dance from the University of Iowa.