90 ways to Wake from drowning

90 ways to Wake

from drowning


90 ways to wake from drowning

Premiere: 90 ways to Wake from drowning
at Joyce SoHo
July 30-31, 2010

WAKE: a preview performance of 90 ways to Wake from drowning
at the LaGuardia Performing Arts College
March 21-26, 2010
Queens, NY

In Residence
at the LaGuardia Performing Arts College
March 2010
Queens, NY

at THROW at the Chocolate Factory
February 2010

13 variations on a Car Crash (redux)
at Green Space
December 2009
Queens, NY
[full video here]

here/Take it Feel good
at WAXworks at Triskelion Arts
October 2009
Brooklyn, NY
[full video here]

Toss off the Night Covers/Slow Lift Evolving
Movement Research's Open Perform
at Dance Theater Workshop
July 2009
[full video here]

13 Variations on a Car Crash
at the RAW Festival at NYU Studios
April 2009
[full video here]

Utilizing a twisting narrative, 90 ways to Wake from drowning bends epic storytelling into an immediate visceral experience set amidst a visual wonderland of car crashes and heavy slow dances.  Mixing contact partnering, modern releasing, and detailed gestures with a choreographic approach reminiscent of the lush explosions of action-movies, the piece is a love letter penned in the aesthetics of mess.  As She struggles with Him, navigating devolving memories and shifting realities, we explore how effort transcends, time bends, and weight remembers.

choreographed by Sarah A.O. Rosner + dancers
performed by Lillie De, Cristina Jasen, Cory Antiel, Jon Cooper, Larissa Sheldon, Rowan Magee, & Ilona Bito
music by Music by Chris Spears, the Great Republic of Rough and Ready, Café Tacuba, Amon Tobin, & Rachel’s with editing by Noah Goldman and Sarah A.O. Rosner
lighting design by Lauren Parrish
costume design by Hunter Kaxzorowski

Deep Cuts: Rehearsal footage from early in the process, including work on the "Slow Lift Evolving Phrase" and early version of Jon's "Toss off the Night Covers" solo